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It is almost impossible to believe that there is a respite for the weary heart amid the hustle and bustle of New York City. However, this doubt turns to amazement the moment you see the soothing landscape of Central Park. This Park is enough proof that man can make the city more environment-friendly for the sanity of man.

If you are in New York City for a visit or if you’ve been here for ages and want some greenery for your eyes, then check out the walking tours at Central Park. You will find out that aside from providing a cool break from the endless pavements of New York, Central Park will also offer you a glimpse of what behind-the-scene really looks like.

If you’re a sucker for movies no matter its genre, then our Walking Tours will allow you to personally experience the movies that you have just seen on the big screen. Central Park has become a favorite location for films that it is almost impossible to mention a movie set in New York that does not feature one or more attractions at the Park.

All the enchanting attractions in the Park are within your reach when you avail of our Waking Tours and allow our experienced guides to show you around, and pinpoint movie locations along the way. Trust us when we say that more than the sculptures and the fountains, it is the thought of being able to walk on the same ground where your favorite movie stars filmed their bestselling movies that will make your Walking Tour unforgettable.

A castle in the middle of New York would be too much to take but more so when you are told that this is one of the locations of your favorite movie The Smurfs! Belvedere Castle is a looker indeed, but it becomes more interesting when you know that it was used by Gargamel, that evil and cantankerous wizard who lives to make life harder for the Smurfs, as his headquarters in the movie.

The Belvedere Castle is more functional than it looks because unknown to many visitors, its tower aided the National Weather Service in temperature data collection way back in 1919. The Castle was originally built in 1869 by Calvert Vaux as a reservoir lookout but has undergone renovations before it was reopened to the public in 1983. Up to this day, the Castle never fails to catch the interest of visitors because the Park’s landscape is best seen from this vantage point. This may be the reason why it was called Belvedere, as the name means beautiful view.

The restoration of the Castle has paved the way for many opportunities for filming particularly the movie “The Bostonians” which starred Vanessa Redgrave and Christopher Reeve. Belvedere Castle was also featured as the home of Count von Count in everyone’s television series favorite, Sesame Street.

Central Park has everything for everyone when it comes to movies. For kids and those who are kids at heart, the Park provides a living tribute to Balto, a real-life and reel-life hero.  The adventure film “Balto” was inspired by the story of Balto, a dog who helped in the transportation of the serum for the diphtheria epidemic in 1925. The live portions of the animated movie were filmed in various locations at Central Park. The dog must have left such a good impression that Frederick Roth dedicated this statue in honor of Balto.

While you are on your Walking Tour, you wouldn’t want to miss the Tavern on the Green, which was transformed from a restaurant into a gift shop but still with the same name. There was a time when Tavern on the Green provided an ideal venue for celebrities like John Lennon and Grace Kelly.

 Don’t be fooled by the new look because this was the very same site where the movie Edward Scissorhands was filmed. The restaurant was parodied in the movie “The Flintstones” Cavern instead of Tavern on the Green. 

If you are a true-blue movie addict then you will be able to identify the Tavern in various movies like The Out-of-Towners, Stella and Beaches among others. Jim Carrey fans will surely recognize the restaurant as the same restaurant that real estate agent Carrey wants to buy from owner Angela Lansbury in the movie “Mr. Popper’s Penguins”.

Another movie location at Central Park that will surely get your attention is the Sheep Meadow. This attraction was named after the sheep that used to occupy the meadow until 1934 when they were sent to Prospect Park. What used to be the sheepfold that housed the flock of sheep was transformed into what we know now as the Tavern on the Green. What will immediately get your attention at the Tavern is however the topiary of wild animals used for Edward Scissorhands in 1993. The 40-foot Garden Bar is another wonderful work of art at the Park.

The Meadow has become a favorite place for visitors who just want to fly kites, bathe in the sun or go on relaxing picnics right at the heart of New York. The scene in Wall Street where Gekko played by Michael Douglas is confronted by Bud Fox played by Charlie Sheen near the end of the movie was filmed right at the Sheep Meadow.

If you have kids with you during the Walking Tour, or if you want to relive those good old days, then the Carousel at the Central Park will be an ideal destination. Don’t be shy because you will be joining the ranks of up to 250,000 people who ride the carousel every year. The original carousel built in 1871 was replaced in 1950 so what you will see now is a newer version.

This carousel ride is not an ordinary ride because this is the same carousel featured in the 1986 film “I’m Not Rappaport”. This is a touching movie about two octogenarians played by Walter Matthau and Ossie Davis. Most of the movie was filmed at a Central Park bench where the two characters meet on a regular basis.

No matter what your expectations are, you will surely have a grand time when you take the Central Park Walking Tour. There are around 300 movies filmed in various locations of Central Park but if you are a true fan, then it will be easy for you to identify which movies have been shot in the same grounds where you are now trekking on.