What is a Pedicab Tour?

Pedicabs are tricycles that are powered by the strong legs of our driver tour guides. And since it does not make use of fuel, it is the most environment-friendly way to tour Central Park. The term Pedicab is a combination of Pedal and Cab. With our well-experienced and knowledgeable drivers, what more can you ask for?

Why go on a Pedicab Tour? 

Aside from helping curb global warming, taking the Pedicab Tour is the best way to see the various attractions of the Park. Your tour is also guaranteed to be more unique and memorable if you take the Pedicab and discover your favorite movie locations along Central Park.

Can families go on a Pedicab Tour?

Your family will definitely have a great time going on a Pedicab Tour at Central Park. However, our Pedicabs can only accommodate up to three persons including adults and kids. Imagine how fun it would be if your family can go on a convoy of pedicabs while touring Central Park!

Are kids free of charge?

Children below 16 years old can join you on the tour with special price. However, children 16 years old and above are required to pay the full price of the Pedicab Tour.

Where do we get onboard the Pedicab Tour?

After purchasing a Pedicab Tour through our website, we will email you the exact location where we will meet you or your group.

Can we customize our Pedicab Tour?

Yes, our Pedicab Tour can be customized according to your preferences. We can also provide special events tour for those who are celebrating birthday, anniversaries or those who just want to have photo sessions at the Park. So if you only want to visit specific locations in Manhattan, or you want to go straight to the Belvedere Castle or the Wollman Rink, do tell us ahead of time so that we can prepapre  a special tour for you.

Do you pick up customers?

For small extra fee, we will be happy to pick you  from your hotel at the time agreed upon for your Central Park Pedicab Tour.

How do we reserve a tour?

For more efficient transactions, we suggest you reserve your tour online. Our website can guarantee a fast and secure way of processing your payments and reservations.

In what languages are the tours offered?

Generally we offer tours in English. However, inform us during the reservation of your tour if you want the tour in other languages because we also provide tours in Russian, Italian and Spanish.

Can we cancel our tour?

We have a flexible policy when it comes to tour cancellations. Some of the best tours we had were taken under a snowy weather but your safety is always a priority. Tours cancelled because of bad weather conditions like snow or heavy rain can be rescheduled on another date. We also offer full refund of the tour fees in case of reasonable cancellations. 

Will the children enjoy the tour?

Many fantasy and children-oriented movies have been filmed at Central Park and your kids will surely enjoy a close encounter with Christian Andersen’s statue or the Alice in Wonderland statue. Various locations in Central Park have also become a favorite for children who have seen Sesame Street and Stuart Little as these were filmed at the Park.

Do you give discounts?

If you are reserving a tour for a large group then inform us during reservation so we can provide a discount for you.

Is the Pedicab Tour fee inclusive of the tip?

No, the Tour Fee is only for the Pedicab Tour. However, if you’ve enjoyed the ride and the narration of your Pedicab Driver, then why not show your appreciation by giving him a tip?

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